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Do you have a pantry in your kitchen?  It could be one of those  ‘broom’ type  closets  with a single door that have been  retrofitted with several shelves in it.

pantry_after&nowThe pantry shown here is one that compliments the cabinets beside it.  This particular pantry had several fixed shelves  that were stacked  up toward the ceiling.  You have seen many of these types of pantries and there are many types of  hardwares  available that can be easily retrofitted into that space,  after removing those shelves.   I chose to design and build a new pantry with 2 sections.  The bottom section is a typical base cabinet with 2 pull-out trays on full extension sliders. The upper section holds 4 pull-out racks with 2 trays each. The racks are also on full extension sliders.  Imagine having this pantry built for your kitchen!
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